Money In Politics

The more we learn about Super PACs, the uglier the picture gets. A new analysis by USA Today found that just five super wealthy individuals have contributed 25 percent of the money raised by Super PACs since the beginning of 2011. The New York Times added that “two dozen individuals, couples or...
Heather McGhee, Director of Demos' Washington office, appeared on "Up with Chris Hayes" on MSNBC to discuss money in politics. She noted that although tea party voters blame Wall Street for much of the factors leading up to the Great Recession, "Tea Party politicians" have fought in Congress to...
NYPIRG released a report last week of the largest donations in New York state politics over the past year. The numbers, while no longer surprising, mirror the disturbing state of campaign spending at the federal level, and they raise some important questions about the underlying institutions...
The difference is obvious, Potter replied.  Because 527 groups were legally shady, they attracted far less money from fewer donors. True, the FEC didn’t enforce the law, but donors couldn’t be sure that would be the case, and some were unwilling to take the risk. Thanks to Citizens United,...
Much of the attention this week has focused on President Obama’s support for the Super PAC set up by former aides to promote his re-election, freeing his supporters to contribute unlimited amounts. But in this announcement the President also came out in support of a constitutional amendment...
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