Middle Class Security Index

4 Million Middle Class Families Saw Economic Decline from 2000-2006; 23 Million Economically Insecure New York, NY — As the economy continues to reel, a new report finds that 4 million American households lost economic security between 2000 and 2006, and that a majority of America's middle class...
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Millions of Families Experienced Economic Decline Since 2000; Households of Color Hardest Hit New York, NY — As the economic downturn continues, a new report finds that millions of African Americans and Latinos lost economic security between 2000 and 2006, and that more than four out of five...
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Landmark Study Based on New "Middle Class Security Index" Finds 3 out of 4 African-American and 4 out of 5 Latino Middle-Class F New York, NY — As CNN explores many of the aspects of the African-American experience in its "Black in America" series, a new report shows that the vast majority of...
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New York, NY — Fewer than one in three middle-class families in America is financially secure, and the remaining majority are either borderline or at high risk of falling out of the middle class altogether, according to a new study published this week by Demos and the Institute for Assets and...
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