marcellus shale

Recently, a lot of attention was given to the prediction that the U.S. would become energy independent by 2035. Shale oil and gas driliing is the main reason U.S. energy production has increased and shale gas now accounts for 40 percent of all gas production. President Obama himself is fond of...
A few months ago, we detailed the fracked up process underway in New York State to determine the health impacts from fracking. Since the results of the health study are not ready for release, the state had to open a public commenting period to extend the rule-making process. Until January 11th at...
As we’ve written, New York is considering allowing fracking in limited areas of the state, despite the environmental and economic damage that comes with the practice. In the latest development, the Department of Environmental Conservation’s (DEC) Commissioner Joseph Martens dismissed...
Barnett Shale drilling in North Central Texas. www.edf.orgI’m not sure what’s worse: the toxic influence of money in politics and policy or blatant full-out hypocrisy. New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has given us both. On the one hand, the Mayor very clearly came out against fracking in the...
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