Joblessness imposes steep costs on millions of unemployed workers and their families, requiring households to continue meeting basic expenses without their former income. The Great Recession and limited job growth have produced record numbers of workers who suffer from prolonged periods of...
The conventional wisdom says that American households are deleveraging – after years of living beyond our means, Americans are finally paying down debt and getting our financial house in order. But as Demos’ 2012 National Survey on Credit Card Debt of Low-and Middle-Income Households reveals,...
Bob Herbert explained on MSNBC's "Up w/Chris Hayes" that cutting food stamps is a cruel practice. Herbert pointed out that a disproportionally large number of food stamp beneficiares are children, especially minorities.
You don't have to have an MBA from Harvard or Wharton to know that the economy is hurting and has been for a while. The terrible effects of the Great Recession, unemployment, benefit cuts, home foreclosures, and more, have been widespread. According to a recent report produced by Dēmos and Young...
Young Invincibles and Demos partnered to complete The State Of Young America report, the first comprehensive look at the economic challenges facing young adults since the Great Recession.  In addition, we conducted a groundbreaking poll with Lake Research Partners and Bellwether Research...
2/3 of students graduate with debt, at an average of $24,842. African Americans are most likely to borrow and graduate with more debt.
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Barriers to college completion fall harder on Black and Latino students. Six year completion among Latinos is only 46% and among Blacks 39%.
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Racial gaps have not vanished. African American and Latino full-time workers make just 75% and 68%, respectively, of the earnings of whites.
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New York - Today, the Institute on Assets and Social Policy and the national policy center Demos released a report revealing that only four percent of Latino seniors and eight percent of African-American seniors have the resources to maintain economic security for the duration of their...
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Even before the full impact of the Great Recession hit, seniors were seeing their retirement security steadily and rapidly destroyed. The elimination of secure pensions for most Americans combined with rising costs of basic expenses has resulted in a dramatic rise in senior economic insecurity...
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