Lady Gaga

When you think about the problems with GDP, it’s likely you don’t think about Lady Gaga. But, in fact, how her work is captured and valued by national economic indicators is relevant to the beyond GDP conversation. We’ve written continuously about how GDP is not a complete measure of our economic...
This week Björk cancelled her Kickstarter project to support science and music education. In an email to backers, the singer said: We've decided to stop the kickstarter campaign. Seems like the costs were too gigantic and we too optimistic, so it seemed cleverest to pause it for now...
To their fans and to the students and professors who study them in classes at business schools, Jay-Z and Lady Gaga are as much talented musicians as they are marketing geniuses.  We can also add another title to the list: Philanthropreneurs. J. Gregory Dees of the Center for Social...
The Boston Herald reported last week that Lady Gaga is being used as a case study in a Harvard Business School class on effective media marketing.  The case study focuses on Gaga's risk-taking, particularly around mounting an ambitious first solo tour in 2009 and using social media to create...
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