Today, on the morning of President Obama's jobs speech, the national policy center Demos published a new study detailing how the job losses of the Great Recession are intensifying the threat to America's middle class, which was already struggling after decades of economic stagnation, slow wage...
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With unemployment above 9 percent, creating more jobs is an urgent priority for the United States. But it is difficult to have a sensible debate on how to spark job growth given the myths and misinformation that surround this issue. Specifically, many political leaders and analysts wrongly point to...
Distinguished Senior Fellow Bob Herbert took to MSNBC yesterday evening to talk about the unemployment crisis and discuss what the President needs to do to enable job creation.  Herbert wrote in these pages yesterday as part of Demos' America Can Work Better week. 
The biggest domestic policy failure has been the refusal of top officials in the White House and in Congress to recognize the severity of the employment crisis that has settled like a plague over American workers. There is no longer any excuse for believing that the Great Recession and its...
Russell Senate Office Bldg Washington D.C., District of Columbia, DC 20002 Americans are rightly concerned with the enormous jobs deficit that is currently fueling ongoing high unemployment. But we’re facing another crisis too—a job quality crisis. In today’s economy, far too many jobs fall below...
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