Thom talks with a panel of experts (Robert Reich, Leo Hindery, Robert Borosage, Heather McGhee and Natalie Foster) on how to "take back the American Dream." The discussion focuses on three key elements: why and how we almost plunged into a second great depression, what kind of future will Americans...
I don't know of any retailer that doesn't offer a return policy for faulty products -- if you buy something and it doesn't work when you get home, simple fairness dictates that you should get your money back.  But while this logic may seem obvious when talking about consumer transactions, it...
There's a new video out this week from a group called the RATE Coalition making the case for a lower corporate income tax. The video is worth watching -- not because it provides any original defense for changing the corporate tax code, but because this group is rapidly gaining...
On Tuesday, December 13th, the Congressional Progressive Caucus unveiled the RESTORE the American Dream for the 99% Act. The bill, if passed, would create more than 5 million jobs and save more than $2 trillion. This is a comprehensive plan to put America back to work by reversing the failed...
Our national economy is stagnant, and our state economy is no better. We have more people out of work and out of heart than in generations. The middle class seems out of reach to many, especially young people. New Yorkers face fundamental challenges to the dream of shared prosperity and economic...
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