infrastructure investment

Here’s a very real impact of climate change: as hurricane season approaches, New York City- a region that never had to worry about hurricanes before- is assessing whether it would be ready for another storm. Prior to 2011, the city never worried about hurricanes because it was well outside...
If there is any silver lining to the mass destruction brought by Hurricane Sandy, it might be a renewed focus on the importance of infrastructure, and just how much our current systems -- of transit, energy, buildings, and much more -- are outdated and susceptible to another disaster....
The economy is plainly stuck in second gear. For the third month in a row, new job creation in June, at just 80,000, was barely enough to keep the unemployment rate from rising, and not nearly sufficient to accommodate new entrants to the labor market and unemployed people looking for work. Not...
Construction workers remain the hardest hit of all American workers, according to today's job numbers. This sector has a staggering unemployment rate of 12.8 percent, the highest of any corner of the U.S. economy. That rate is mercifully down from 15.6 percent at this time last year, but remains...
Debt ceiling negotiators fiddle while Rome burns. The federal deficit must be brought under control, to be sure. But that’s a long-run problem. Our immediate and far more important concern is the massive unemployment that persists in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. Deficits cost us...
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