immigration reform

Among immigrant groups,  Asian American/Pacific Islander communities are often stereotyped as a “model minority,” and an immigration economic success story. However, this stereotype masks the wide diversity -- ethnic and economic -- that exists within the Asian and Asian-American communities....
Talking points about immigration reform often focus on whether undocumented workers are taking jobs away from Americans who need the work. A story in the Toledo Blade yesterday draws attention to the cost to other American workers of failing to fix the immigration problem.   In northern Ohio a...
The Heritage Foundation has a new report out looking at the cost of immigration reform. The report puts the cost of immigration reform at a whopping $6.3 trillion. I won’t go into all the reasons they list but let’s say it seems they believe that as soon as undocumented workers become...
One of the most urgent reasons to move forward with immigration reform is to reduce the harsh, illegal treatment of undocumented workers.  Unscrupulous employers routinely violate both labor and immigration laws by hiring undocumented workers, then forcing them to work inhumane hours, in...
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