This week, and under the pressure of immigration advocates from around the country, President Obama announced his plans for an executive order aimed to alleviate the problems of our broken immigration system. Obama’s immigration plan will be announced today and it will hopefully address the pleas...
There is a big slice of the conservative world that longs for a romanticized American past -- an era in which traditional values prevailed in a mostly white Christian country and Washington, DC, was a sleepy southern city. The Heritage Foundation speaks for those conservatives, and it's name is no...
One of the most urgent reasons to move forward with immigration reform is to reduce the harsh, illegal treatment of undocumented workers.  Unscrupulous employers routinely violate both labor and immigration laws by hiring undocumented workers, then forcing them to work inhumane hours, in...
Heather C. McGhee appeared on MSNBC's "Now With Alex Wagner" to discuss the Supreme Court's decision on the controversial immigration legislation in Arizona. McGhee explained that it is not just unconstitutional, it is is un-American to profile minorities.
The political heat had been building for months on the Obama administration to provide a solution, even if only partial, to the plight of young people who came to the U.S as children, and were raised as Americans but had little chance to make it in this country. Three months ago, Republican Senator...
Here's a day that many of us thought we'd never see: Hot button topics like immigration and contraception operating as wedge issues -- but in ways that benefit Democrats. Start with the awkward spot that the White House has placed Mitt Romney in with its policy shift on the deportation of young...
The Supreme Court may not have decided yet on the Arizona v. United States case. But there is already a sense of defeat among immigrant rights activists (and a sense of celebration among the restrictionist movement) based on the feeling that the justices, including the liberal ones, may lean...
A new FOX News poll throws into relief the effect anti-immigrant rhetoric has had on Latinos' views of the Republican Party and its presumptive presidential nominee, Mitt Romney. But this trend wasn't always inevitable, and not only because Latinos have recently been frustrated by Obama’s...
Credit: Flickr/DreamActivistWhile there's zero chance of Congress approving the Dream Act any time soon, some progress is still being made for undocumented students who, having grown up in the US and excelled in school, cannot make it into college or the labor market because of their immigration...
In Wednesday’s GOP presidential debate in Arizona a predictable event occurred. When the issue of immigration came up--finally, after some 45 minutes--candidates fought to strike the harshest chord. Further, each candidate assured the base that they would not only drop the Federal lawsuits...
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