Guaranteed Retirement Accounts

Senior Fellow Teresa Ghilarducci was on New York Public Radio's WNYC News to talk about her recent New York Times article on retirement security. 
It's hard to read statistics about how much most Americans have in retirement savings without seeing that this country is heading toward a major social crisis. As a new study by Senator Tom Harkin noted on Friday: Half of all Americans have less than $10,000 in savings, and nearly half of the...
NEW YORK-- An median-income, two-earner household will pay nearly $155,000 over the course of their lifetime in 401(k) fees, according to a new analysis by national public policy center Demos. “The Retirement Savings Drain: The Hidden and Excessive Costs of 401(k)s” details how the nation’s shift...
Press Release
When it comes to retirement savings, the last thing you want is too much risk -- yet Governor Cuomo's proposed reforms to New York state employee retirement plans will likely encourage more workers to place their savings in unpredictable and unreliable 401(k)'s. Earlier this week, Gov. Cuomo...
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