good jobs executive order

43 million American workers can’t take a day off work when they get sick without losing pay—and President Obama can’t change that. Although the president has urged Congress to pass paid sick days legislation, and encouraged states and cities to act in the absence of federal progress, he cannot...
I’m writing this post from a hospital bed. And I’m really lucky to be doing it. Of course, I’m not thrilled about the complications of pregnancy that have confined me to bed rest for several weeks. But because of a job I can do remotely with a cell phone and laptop—and most importantly, a...
“If a company is going to receive taxpayer money, it should have safe workplaces. It should pay its workers the wages they’ve earned. It should provide the medical leave workers are entitled to. It should not discriminate against workers… If you want to do business with the United States of America...
Today’s economy doesn’t contain a lot of good news for working people. While the Great Recession officially ended five years ago, millions of Americans are still out of work and wages continue to lag. Yet this week, working people made some hugely significant gains as the fruits sowed by organizing...
“We should do everything we can to strengthen unions in this country,” said President Obama on Tuesday. America was built by workers who over time, through a lot of struggle, got the right to bargain collectively.  I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that our middle class was built in...
Sometimes in America, when low-paid workers stand up and speak out, even the President of the United States takes notice. This is one of those moments. This morning, the White House announced that President Obama will sign a “Good Jobs” Executive Order requiring government contractors to raise the...
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