Free Trade

The U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement, stalled in Congress since the George W. Bush Administration signed it in 2006, is likely to be voted on by legislators this summer as part of a broader trade package that also includes the pending pacts with Panama and South Korea. In an effort to address...
  Investment negotiators from Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) countries met secretly last week in Vancouver for their 18th round of talks regarding the expansive agreement. Frantic protestors, who caught wind of the conference through the Peruvian media, tried unsuccessfully to locate the...
The economy faces a persistent budget crisis. Pushback from Wall Street has gutted most of the banking reforms, unemployment is stuck around 8 percent, corporate profits have been soaring while there is no wage growth -- and the newest White House proposal is... a free trade zone with Europe. This...
Last week, speaking at the White House, President Obama announced that he was joining the European Union in filing a major trade complaint against China, for its export controls on so-called "rare earth" minerals. These are used in everything from micro-electronic devices like smartphones to flat-...
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