A victory in the civil rights battle for voting was registered in Florida last week over those with an agenda to purge voters from rolls. The 11th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ruled on April 2 that when Congress declared in the National Voter Registration Act that voters’ names could not be...
Citizens in Orange County, Florida will not have a chance to vote for paid sick leave on November 6th due to the fierce opposition of business allies.  Earlier this summer, the Citizens for a Greater Orange County gathered 50,000 signatures to place an initiative, called Earned Sick Time, to...
Many Florida families have been paying up to 25 percent of median income for public in-state college costs — out of reach for some middle-class parents who have taken recent pay cuts or lost jobs, according to a new study. Some South Florida families are paying even more — plunking down what...
Voter ID isn’t the only law unjustly limiting citizen's voting rights. In an excellent piece for Salon, Erik Nielson illuminates the widespread disenfranchisement of convicted felons. Although state laws vary in severity, all but two have some sort of restrictions preventing convicted felons from...
Sounding the alarm about climate change has long been an uphill battle because its effects can seem remote or too far in the future. Even if the planet is warming, skeptics say, how do we know that human activity is the cause and why should we care? Every year, though, comes more concrete evidence...
When voters go to the polls in Florida tomorrow for the GOP Presidential primary, the economy and jobs will weigh heavily on their minds and rightfully so. The state’s unemployment rate is close to 10 percent, down from a peak 12 percent in 2010, and the state was hit hard by the housing...
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