Federal Trade Commission

Our personal information is compiled, traded, analyzed and sold off as never before. Not only do business and government track us online, but retailers trace our cell phones through stores, and vast, little-known databases can keep us from getting jobs, qualifying for loans, and opening bank...
“I’m trying to think of another industry where a 20 percent error rate would be acceptable.” says 60 Minutes correspondent Steve Kroft, in a new exposé of the credit reporting industry. “That’s a pretty high error rate.” To say the least. Kroft was...
Are you breathing a sigh of relief, job applicants? If a prospective employer runs a background check prior to hiring you, the chances they’ll falsely learn that you’re an armed robber, “a sex offender who [is] in prison at the time” or something similarly misleading are...
Screengrabs of Spokeo.comIn today’s economy, it’s hard enough to land a job without companies secretly compiling inaccurate dossiers of information about you, then aggressively selling them to employers, who – based on the false or simply irrelevant data – decide not to hire...
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