As regular readers know by now, social mobility in the US is largely a myth perpetuated for political legitimation. In reality, we live in a self-perpetuating class system where the children of the rich mostly go on to rule over the children of the poor. This is evident in the education trends (...
Outside money transforms California’s income inequality, among the worst in the country, into political inequality. That’s evident in the ongoing fight over Proposition 30, Governor Jerry Brown’s attempt to solve the state’s budget deficit and maintain funding of California schools by raising taxes...
One of the most often-cited reasons for the STEM achievement gap is a lack of skilled and trained STEM teachers. The greatest percentage of under-qualified teachers at the K-12 level is found in STEM disciplines – 40 percent of high school math teachers and 20 percent of science teachers in high...
With the economy just barely on a path to durable recovery, some very dumb fiscal chickens are coming home to roost on January 1 of next year. This grim coincidence is known as the Triple Witching Hour. First, the legacy of last summer's ill-fated bipartisan fiscal bargain -- an automatic set...
The Girl Scouts of the USA marks its 100th anniversary today, and it would be easy for the organization to get caught up in the past. Yet rather than resting on its laurels, the Girl Scouts has placed itself on the cutting edge of a nationwide crisis. Most of us have heard about the importance of...
The flaw in Ellsberg's reasoning, termed "selection bias" in statistical circles, is that he assumes that the startup founders he named are similar to their peers who chose to stay in college in all categories except their choice to leave college, and therefore, that leaving college itself was the...
As the world's curiosity about Steve Jobs continues, the past week has brought tributes to his widow, Laurene Powell Jobs, for her exemplary, visionary, low-key and dignified work in education. It has also brought speculation on where her efforts will lead next. "If the late Steve Jobs was...
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