Economic Inequality

The new American Economic Association Journal of Economic Perspectives looks at income inequality and the rising 1 percent. Among the articles is a piece on why democracy hasn’t slowed economic inequality. In other words, why haven’t our elected officials acted to slow economic inequality? The...
One of the best proposals to come out of the State of the Union was the President's proposal to raise the minimum wage to $9 an hour, phased in over three years, and tie it to the cost of living so it automatically adjusts. If anything, the proposed minimum wage is still too low. If the minimum...
On January 1st of this year, 10 states raised their minimum wage. New Jersey, however, won’t be joining them. Chris Christie vetoed legislation that would have increased the state’s minimum wage to $8.50 per hour and also tie it to the consumer price index. Christie instead offered a...
Given stagnating wages and frustratingly high unemployment, it's unsurprising that popular opinion has turned against the rich.  Inequality is not merely a material issue. It permeates our society in myriad, unpleasant ways. A new Pew Survey takes the temperature of the Americans on the rich...
Senior Fellow David Callahan was on CNBC to talk about the need for tax reform that protects the middle-class.   
An essential element of the American Dream is ensuring that each generation has greater opportunities than the last. What, then, do we make of a generation that can earn more than their parents, but still can't seem to climb the economic ladder? A new report released by the Pew Center's Economic...
The recent Fed report on household wealth contains yet more evidence of how distorted and unequal the U.S. economy has become. The big headline around the study, which comes out every three years, has been that the household wealth of Americans dropped by 40 percent between 2007 and 2010, and is...
David Brooks offers up a spirited defense of private equity today in the Times, and many of his points make perfect sense: In fact, many private equity firms don't set out to laden the firms they buy with debt and cash out before the company goes bankrupt. (Although some do set out with very much...
If you could implement your ideal vision of the U.S. in 2050, what would it look like? Demos’ Distinguished Senior Fellow, Gus Speth, answers this question in his new book America the Possible: Roadmap to a New Economy, which will be released in September of this year and has been previewed...
It was reported Wednesday that Mitt Romney holds millions of dollars in the Cayman Islands. Some of the media and political cognoscenti have wondered out loud if Romney is too rich, or too elite to truly represent regular Americans. The funny thing is, every single member of Congress is too rich...
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