Early Voting

My recent Demos explainer discuss the implications of the class bias in voter turnout. Over the last three decades, research suggests, the class bias of the voting public has increased dramatically. In the 2012 election, there was a 33 point gap between the turnout rate of the highest bracket ($150...
To understand the importance of early voting, you only need to look at the evolution of television. It used to be that your favorite show came on a certain day, at a certain time. If your work hours conflicted, or you were in the hospital with a sick child, or had another event to attend, then you...
The North Carolina legislature has had a remarkable session. In fact, the amount they have been able to accomplish is almost jaw-dropping—not because it was particularly productive but because it was so bold and unabashed it its attack on low and middle income families and basic elements of...
Early voting is a recent phenomenon, and we know that African Americans in the last election cycle in particular disproportionately made use of it. However, the curtailment of voting opportunities for minority communities is nothing new. The 1981 U.S. Civil Rights Commission noted that election...
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