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New York, NY — As new unemployment figures show a still-staggering 9 percent of Americans out of work, a new report from the policy center Demos examines the degree that low income American families use credit to weather economic shocks, and draws out the impact of credit card debt on families...
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Out-of-Pocket Medical Expenses Among Top Sources of Credit Card Debt New York, NY — With the mid term elections approaching, many candidates and incumbents are seizing on this moment to court voters by calling for the repeal of the health care reform law--the Patient Protection and Affordable...
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Recent federal action, including the passage of the Credit Card Bill of Rights of 2009 and the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, provided needed regulation and oversight of the credit card industry. However, past debt continues to haunt families even as they add on new debt. The...
New Brief Shows Young Americans Need Wall Street Reform Washington — Young Americans face "lasting damage" from the dual crises in the financial sector and in personal finance, making it urgent that Congress pass strong financial reform legislation. Risking Our Future Middle Class: Young...
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Demos Issues Statement on CARD Act and Upcoming Financial Regulation Debate; Publishes Background Paper on Consumer Financial Protection Agency WASHINGTON — This week, even as the reforms of the CARD Act take effect, reports show that credit card issuers are implementing a wide range of new...
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Tamara Draut discusses the implications of the implementation of the Credit CARD Act. CBS Evening News
Increasing numbers of low- and middle-income families use credit cards for basic living expenses. As health care costs have increased and health insurance coverage has become inadequate, medical expenses have become another basic cost that families increasingly cover through credit cards.
  Banks are gouging cash-strapped consumers with record high-interest rates, with a quarter of consumers paying rates over 20%. Lou Dobbs Tonight
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