corporate accountability

We should be done by now with the idea that a corporation is a single thing. Corporations contain a multitude of conflicting interests and are much more like miniature governments with their own governance structures and election systems than is commonly recognized.  While these structures are...
A federal judge recently approved the BP settlement over the Deep Horizon disaster so BP will pay $4 billion in criminal penalties—a slap on the wrist—and plead guilty to manslaughter. Yet if corporation are people, as the Supreme Court ruled, why isn’t BP going to prison? Any...
This wasn’t a good week for Walmart. The business model of the nation’s largest private employer is built on a lack of accountability. Walmart’s efforts to externalize as many costs of its business as possible onto taxpayers, its workforce, the environment, its suppliers, and the...
Corporate accountability campaigns are gaining steam and already racking up victories.This week has seen several stunning victories for direct citizen action. On Wednesday, Coca-cola renounced its membership on the private enterprise board of ALEC, stating that: The Coca-Cola Company has elected...
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