Citizens United

Director of the Democracy Program at Demos Brenda Wright joined WZBC's John Grebe on Sounds of Dissent to discuss a recent Montana Supreme Court ruling that upheld restrictions on political spending by corporations and Citizens United, ahead of the ruling's two-year anniversary on January 21st....
The Montana Supreme Court in Helena stands just off the main drag, dramatically called Last Chance Gulch Street. The picturesque setting is fitting for an institution that has just challenged the U.S. Supreme Court to a legal showdown on the enormously important question of whether corporations...
When the Montana Supreme Court upheld its restrictions on direct corporate political spending, it showed a real-world understanding of politics and people which had somehow eluded the U.S. Supreme Court in 2010’s disastrous Citizens United. The Montana jurists recognized that corruption is...
**This event is at capacity and cannot accept additional guests Please join Demos, Free Speech for People, and the New York Lawyer Chapter of the American Constitution Society for a special breakfast discussion with Demos Distinguished Senior Fellow Bob Herbert and Jeff Clements on his new book,...
Call out Wall Street for its Abuses and Army of Lobbyists Fighting to Block Needed Protections New York, NY — Today at New York City Hall, scores of community members joined elected officials and organizational leaders to rally and call on the United States Senate to stand up to Wall Street...
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A look at what steps may be needed to temper the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in the Citizens United. With Brenda Wright
Arguments Heard Today Suggest Precedents Limiting Corporate Political Influence Under Threat Washington, DC — Today's argument in Citizens United v. FEC suggests that the Roberts Court is poised to sweep aside century-old restraints on corporate domination of the political marketplace — ...
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High Court Threatening to Overturn Key Precedents Protecting Citizens Against Corporate Control of Politics Washington, DC — The American Independent Business Alliance, a non-profit organization helping communities design and implement programs to support independent locally-owned businesses,...
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Democracy Program Director Brenda Wright co-authored (with the American Independent Business Alliance) the following amicus brief.  It was filed in July of 2009. The Supreme Court’s decisions in Austin and McConnell both are premised on the long-standing recognition that “the special...
Concerned groups The Brennan Center for  Justice at NYU School of Law (“Brennan Center”), Common Cause, Dēmos: A Network for Ideas and Action (“Dēmos”), The League of Women Voters of the United States (“the League”), and U. S. Public Interest Research Group (“U.S. PIRG”), by their...
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