campaign contributions

In theory, Congress should pass laws and legislation (which hit a record low in 2013)—and in a representative democracy, its members should listen to constituents and reflect their concerns and priorities. Yet we’ve shown how Congress prioritizes and advances the priorities of the...
As we wait for the Supreme Court to rule on McCutcheon v. FEC, which would strike down aggregate campaign contribution limits, a series of stories have come out highlighting how much damage money is doing to our democracy and our economy. In short: a lot. A ProPublica investigation found that...
The new American Economic Association Journal of Economic Perspectives looks at income inequality and the rising 1 percent. Among the articles is a piece on why democracy hasn’t slowed economic inequality. In other words, why haven’t our elected officials acted to slow economic inequality? The...
Cecilia Tkaczyk’s victory is the latest sign that New Yorkers want a different campaign system and they want it now. Tkaczyk challenged a millionaire Assemblyman in a GOP-gerrymandered district and yet, despite a cash disadvantage and little name recognition, she managed to win by 19 votes....
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