Our nation is on the brink of a retirement crisis that could have severe consequences for both future retirees and society as a whole. The steady erosion in the voluntary employer-sponsored retirement system has made it more difficult for workers to save for retirement. This crisis will not only...
A study by Demos, a liberal research center, found that a median-income couple that invested in 401(k)’s for 40 years with fees averaging 1.6 percent a year would achieve $354,850 in assets at average savings rates, but only after paying $154,794 in investment fees. READ: The Retirement...
In 1935, with the passage of the Social Security Act, our national leaders made a promise to all citizens: after a lifetime of hard work, no older American would suffer from poverty in their old age. The passage of this landmark legislation was the embodiment of a deeply shared value: a...
Senior Fellow Teresa Ghilarducci was on Marketplace with Jeremy Hobson to discuss her recent New York Times article on why we need a government mandated retirement system.
If you don't give much consideration to your 401k beyond picking the funds and watching the balance you're not alone. Most Americans surveyed by AARP aren't aware they are paying fees for their retirement funds at all. According to Robert Hiltonsmith of Demos it's time to start looking...
  Policy Analyst Robert Hiltonsmith appeared on Fox Business' "The Willis Report" to discuss the dangers of 401(k) fees. Hiltonsmith explained that the opaque and secretive nature of the 410(k) industry means that most Americans have no ideas that they could be losing as much as 30% of their...
Most of the coverage last week of the Fed study on household wealth focused on the gigantic financial hit taken by nearly all Americans since 2007. Dig deeper into the report, though, and it makes for even scarier reading, as many of those people losing lots of wealth are older and don't...
Call the cops — your pocket’s been picked. American workers are being ripped off by excessive retirement plan fees — which may force them to work longer or live less comfortably in their golden years, according to a recent study. For the average US household, the high fees drain about $155,000 from...
A new report from Dēmos, "The Retirement Savings Drain: The Hidden and Excessive Costs of 401(k)s," urges Americans to trade in their old 401(k)s for a new, more efficient retirement model. An "ordinary" American household will pay, on average, nearly $155,000 over the course of their lifetime for...
Recently there’s been a brouhaha stirring over 401(k) retirement accounts. In a report entitled, The Retirement Savings Drain—The Hidden and Excessive Costs of 401(k)s—research firm Demos makes some startling claims about our beloved retirement accounts. For example, the Demos report includes the...
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