2014 Midterms

Make no bones about it: Election Day 2014 was not a good day for progressives. But the overall debacle did include one silver lining, as the people of Montana fought back a repeal of Same-Day Registration. Legislative Referendum 126 (LR-126), which would have cut off the voter registration deadline...
For those of us who care deeply about voter participation and voting rights, 2014 was, in many respects, a dispiriting year. However, by one metric we can take heart: the role that early voting and Election Day Registration may have played this year in possibly boosting turnout in ways that may...
When many think of 21st century voter suppression, the first thing that might come to mind is the network of unnecessary voter ID laws that disproportionately affect the young, the elderly and voters of color. There is, however, a minefield of other voter suppression tactics at work, many of which...
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