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Thought leadership and the power of ideas often gain the most currency, and help shape the debate, through the form a book. Recognizing this, we have established the Demos book project, which helps fellows, staff and partner organizations develop their ideas into compelling proposals, manuscripts and finally into published works. In partnership with leading publishing houses, Demos helps authors build a broadcast, print, social media and event platform that elevates their arguments into the public and policy realms.

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Red Sky at Morning: America and the Crisis of the Global Environment, Second Edition

March 28, 2005

In this powerful book, a renowned environmental leader warns that despite all the international negotiations of the past two decades, efforts to protect Earth’s environment are not succeeding. He explains why this is so and presents eight specific steps that governments and citizens can take to achieve a sustainable future. For this new paperback edition the author has added an Afterword that brings the narrative up to date.

Freedom Reclaimed

October 27, 2004
Has the nation's infatuation with the free market warped the true meaning of American freedom by its emphasis on the self-serving individual in a "looking out for Number One" world? Freedom is America's most treasured value. In Freedom Reclaimed, Distinguished Senior Fellow John E. Schwarz examines the profound implications of the difference between the vision of American freedom that the Founders enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the free-market idea of freedom that is ascendant today.

The Cheating Culture

January 1, 2004
Your next-door neighbor offers to hook you up with free cable television. Or, when you unexpectedly owe hundreds of dollars in taxes, your accountant advises you to make up deductions, since "the IRS doesn't audit anyone." Do you do it? David Callahan thinks many of us would. And we wouldn't be alone. While there have always been those who cut corners, cheating has risen in the last two decades: corporate scandals, doping in sports, plagiarizing by journalists and students. Even ministers have been caught stealing sermons off the Internet. Why all the cheating? And why now?