A "Progractionary" President In 2016?

Let's not speculate on what Andrew Cuomo is really thinking in terms of running for president. It's never a good idea, and it's an especially bad one with any Cuomo. Let's look at the political realities, which in the end will govern his decision.

The pluses are easy to see. Andrew is in pretty good shape. His Democratic Party base is secure. New York Democratic officials like him and he controls the party apparatus. He's popular with New York voters. He's articulate and photogenic. He can raise money, including business interest money.

On the social agenda, he's staked out lots of positions that matter to national Democratic Party constituencies. He's got an honorable and popular last name.

The minuses are also easy to see. He's alienated traditional Democratic constituencies, especially in the labor movement. It's not just his policies but his rhetoric that have been very tough. His economic policies are closer to Paul Ryan than to Barack Obama: cut spending, no tax increases, reduce pay and benefits to public employees. He's become the Democratic Party's leading exponent of right-wing austerity, even as the rest of the Democrats try to be the party of stimulus.