The Nuclear Regulatory Commission Is In Free Fall

The resignation of NRC Chairman Gregory Jackzo puts the issue of nuclear safety smack on the middle of Obama's desk, and then into the presidential race. That's a good thing.  The NRC is not doing the job that the law and common sense require it to do.  It is a captive of the nuclear industry, operates in secret and without due regard for the public health and safety. The NRC's relationship to the nuclear industry today is just what the SEC's relationship was to Wall Street four years ago.  We are skating on very thin ice.  The nomination of a new chairman, with the public debate that will follow is the best way to get it pointed in the right direction.

Full disclosure:  I've been active for many years in the efforts to close Indian Point, because it's dangerous in design and operation, and within 50 miles of 22 million people, unlike any other American reactor.  Those efforts have included litigation to force IP to stop taking three billion gallons of water a day from the Hudson River and returning it in polluted form, efforts to make the NRC adopt a real and workable