Damage Done, ALEC Abandons Voter ID Push

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) was back in the news yesterday. This time it’s not because another high-profile corporation is withdrawing support. No, yesterday’s news was an announcement that ALEC is withdrawing support for its own initiatives.

In a press release yesterday, ALEC announced that they are abandoning any “non-economic issues, and reinvesting these resources in the task forces that focus on the economy.” That is ALEC's PR way of saying that the organization is folding under massive budgetary threat and ending the wings of their organization that push unjust voter ID legislation and advocate for gun rights, including the notorious “Stand Your Ground Law.” 

This victory is certainly a major win for voting rights groups. But unfortunately much of the damage had already been dealt in states across the nation. A report released today recognizes that despite yesterday's victory, voter ID legislation is an unfortunate reality in the upcoming elections, for which local advocates need to prepare.