Heather McGhee on Marketplace: The President is the Nation's Biggest Boss

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On this morning's MarketplaceDemos' next President Heather McGhee explained how the President could use an executive order to raise the wages of low-wage federal contractors. 

Now, with the news that President Obama is doing just that and raising federal contractor wages to $10.10 an hour, McGhee has responded, in part:

We commend President Obama for using his executive authority to give a boost to hundreds of thousands of hard-working Americans trying to reach the middle class. The nation as a whole benefits from an economy where all workers earn a decent living.

While it’s unfortunate that the order does not apply to existing workers until their contracts are renegotiated, the president’s action adds momentum to the fight for a federal minimum wage increase that would benefit all Americans. In signing this order, the president has done his part. Now it is up to Congress to finish the job.

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