Brenda Wright on Essential Pittsburgh: Impact of the Supreme Court Voting Right's Act Decision

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Last week's 5-4 Supreme Court decision on the Voting Rights Act struck down a key aspect that has been used to promote and protect the political power of minority voters.

On WESA's Essential Pittsburgh, Black Political Empowerment Project Chairman Tim Stevens and Demos Vice President of Legal Strategies Brenda Wright discussed the far reaching implications for voting rights. [...]

"It's based on reasoning that is very hard to defend." 

On the subject of judicial activism, Wright noted that the 15th Amendment to the Constitution appears to stipulate that congress' power over protecting the right to vote was particularly strong, and that it was surprising to see the court take so much control over the law.

Furthermore, she stated that the decision reflected obliviousness to the current racial climate.

Wright also argued that the court failed to recognize the amount of flexibility that the law had.  According to Wright, any of the states targeted by the law could be released from the pre-clearance if they could provide evidence that no discrimination had occurred for ten years.

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