The Race Conversation We're Not Having: Who is We the People?

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The media attention surrounding Fox News' latest debacle over Santa Claus being white could either be another destructive force or it could serve as a jumping off point for the more substantive race conversation we're not having, says Demos Vice President of Policy and Outreach Heather McGhee on Now with Alex Wagner.

Who is 'We the People'? The fact that we are multiracial, multicultural society is actually really hard work. It's not obvious that you can make a community that feels like one out of people who have strands of every ancestral origin across the globe.

That actually takes a lot of work. It takes a sense of integration being something we want. It takes pride. For individual people, it takes actually consciously thinking about, "Okay, do I want to live in a community with people of a different race?" It takes a whole lot of work, and we don't have that conversation at all.