Long-term Fiscal Issues Shouldn't Be Resolved at the Cost of Americans' Needs

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Discussing the Ryan-Murray budget deal on MSNBC, Demos Vice President of Policy and Research Tamara Draut cautioned against considering the deal in a vacuum. She pointed out that this deal exacerbates the country's continuing failure to invest in its people, particularly in its failure to extend unemployment insurance for 1.3 million Americans.

Putting our spending in perspective, Tamara continued:

The reality is that we are still at a real low in terms of how much, as a nation, we spend on discretionary spending, and that's on meeting some fundamental national and basic human needs. Things like child care, food stamps, college Pell Grants. We've restored some of the deep cuts, but we need to do more as a nation to help people get ahead in this economy and meet their basic needs.