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Format: 12-16-2017
Format: 12-16-2017
Felony disfranchisement is the practice of denying people with felony convictions the right to vote. The American tradition of states determining their own election laws has led to a national...
October 24, 2006 | Policy Brief |
Democracy Staff
A properly functioning democracy encourages all eligible citizens to participate in elections. Our nation's commitment to this goal has resulted in landmark laws to assure that access to voting is...
October 19, 2006 | Policy Brief |
Democracy Staff
The 2000 election will be remembered as a national debacle in which millions of citizens were denied the right to vote and have that vote be properly counted. To remedy the problems of 2000, Congress...
October 17, 2006 | Policy Brief |
Democracy Staff
As a nation, we now face a serious threat to the very nature of our democracy, and the core American belief that wide electoral participation by as many eligible voters as possible is central to our...
October 16, 2006 | Policy Brief |
Democracy Staff
Carrie Harkless, Tameca Mardis and the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), alleges that offices of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services failed to provide Ms....
September 20, 2006 | Litigation |
While politicians spew shallow sound bites that describe a "free" American people who govern themselves by selecting their representatives, in reality politicians from both parties maintain control...
June 7, 2006 | Book |
  The Brennan Center for Justice, Demos and the Legal Action Center call upon the New York State Board of Elections to end the systematic practice of illegally disenfranchising ...
March 15, 2006 | Report |
Democracy Staff
Demos Democracy Program Director Brenda Wright testifies before the United States House of Representatives Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on the Constitution regarding protection against ...
November 1, 2005 | Testimony |
A new report, Ten Years Later, A Promise Unfulfilled, released by the NVRA Implementation Project -- a joint project between Demos, ACORN and Project Vote -- concludes that states are failing low-...
September 14, 2005 | Report |
Brian Kavanagh
Mike Slater
Associate Director of the Democracy Program Ludovic Blain testifies before the Vermont House Government Operations Committee regarding Election Day Registration.
May 19, 2005 | Testimony |
Ludovic Blain