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According to reports, Ivanka Trump is passionate about paid parental leave.
June 27, 2017 | Amy Traub
If you want to make crime pay—and get a lighter penalty if you’re caught—you’re better off cheating your employees out of their fair wages than trying to nick the latest video game console or pair of...
June 12, 2017 | Amy Traub
Today the U.S. House of Representatives voted to gut financial reform.
June 8, 2017 | Amy Traub
The nation is experiencing a crisis of care. Across the country, parents are trapped in an economic bind without paid leave or affordable child care, even as older Americans and people with...
June 2, 2017 | Amy Traub
In Chicago today, organizers of the Women’s March are on the move again. Racial justice activists from the Movement for Black Lives and Color of Change are marching beside them. Climate activists,...
May 22, 2017 | Amy Traub
The National Retail Federation was expecting a Mother’s Day bonanza on Sunday, predicting consumers would “spend more than ever… as they shower moms with everything from jewelry to special outings at...
May 14, 2017 | Amy Traub
Donald Trump campaigned as the defender of working Americans. In his inaugural address, Trump vowed that every decision he made would be to benefit America’s workers. Yet his proposed federal budget...
May 4, 2017 | Amy Traub
Soaring rhetoric about freedom and choice is everywhere on Capitol Hill this week.
April 25, 2017 | Amy Traub