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[...] According to a new report by the progressive think tank Demos, “student debt is particularly damaging for individuals who struggle to repay their loans. Delinquent borrowers are saddled with fees, penalties and rapidly accumulating interest; borrowers who default on their loans face ruined credit and a debt often several times their original loan balance.”

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Sanctuaries have legal protections

Trump and his Republican allies are supportive of eliminating funds for cities and "sanctuary" counties, but a recent report from the progressive group "Demos" noted that sanctuaries have protections under the Constitution and local laws.

Under the Constitution and anti-discrimination laws, local governments can protect immigrants. This was reaffirmed a report entitled "Sanctuaries, Safety and Community: Tools for welcoming immigrants through local democracy", which detailed the mechanisms available for cities to provide protection to undocumented immigrants.

Bajo la Constitución y las leyes antidiscriminación, los gobiernos locales pueden proteger a los inmigrantes. Así lo reafirmó un reporte titulado “Santuarios, Seguridad y Comunidad: Herramientas para acoger a los inmigrantes a través de la democracia local”, en el cual se detallan los mecanismos disponibles para que las ciudades puedan dar protección a los indocumentados.

Labaton and Demos' Tamara Draut encourage women workers to keep the pressure on city- and state-level legislators ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.

"Find out what your city council is doing in terms of a fair working wage, paid leave, and paid sick days," Draut said. "Get those on the agenda. That is a lever that is much easier to influence." [...]

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In late August, just as Donald Trump was making his improbable pitch to black voters (“What the hell do you have to lose?”), an unusual and tender video began to make the viral rounds. It showed Heather McGhee, the president of the progressive think tank Demos, responding to a caller on C-span’s “Washington Journal.” McGhee is black. The caller was white, and, he said, prejudiced against black people, because of things he’d seen in the news. But he didn’t want to be.


Garry Civitello called into C-SPAN with his heart and insecurities on his sleeve. 

Civitello, a white man from Asheville, North Carolina, wanted to speak with Heather McGhee, a black woman and president of Demos, a public policy group working to promote democracy for all. But his question wasn't specifically about public policy. It was about what he could do to be a better person. 


Bernie Sanders has identified the cancer he thinks is coursing through the Democratic Party’s bloodstream. In speech after speech, the Vermont senator has gone after the party’s donor class — and its hold on politicians — as the central impediment to both a more populist Democratic Party and its electoral success.

Having a child under the age of 5 is hard enough, but in the United States, parenting comes with the added bonus of near-financial ruin.

If we don’t do something about this, the economic consequences for the country are not going to be pretty.[...]

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The financial burden of having young children can substantially lower a family’s income and increase its chances of falling into poverty.

But as children reach school age, that financial penalty decreases significantly, according to a recent study by the left-leaning public policy organization, Demos.

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