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Nevertheless, Walmart has had to make concessions to the pressure upon the business, mostly from OUR Walmart. It is in the process of enacting a series of wage hikes, starting with boosts to $9 an hour this year and $10 next year for a half-million of its lowest paid workers (out of 1.4 million), changes in scheduling policy, more accommodating pregnancy policies (after OUR Walmart’s “Respect the Bump” campaign). 

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Studies have shown that even small debts can increase a student’s chances of dropping out, particularly for minorities and low-income students. Also, federal loans, which are typically capped at $27,000 over four years, often don’t cover the full expense of college. Many students also take on private bank loans or work jobs outside school.

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“There’s an assumption out there that because community and technical colleges and workforce retraining programs are lower cost than elite Ivy League institutions that borrowing isn’t an issue for those students, but it’s precisely the opposite,” said Mark Huelsman, a senior policy analyst at think tank Demos, who studies student debt. “These are students who have fewer financial means to begin with, they’re more likely to borrow, and if they borrow it’s just a fundamentally different prospect.”

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Donovan X. Ramsey, fellow at Demos, contributor to the New York Times, GQ, the Atlantic 

"The stories I've cared about for as long as I can remember are suddenly interesting to the vast majority of new consumers. The race beat is hot again, so to speak... Earlier this year, I was working with a white editor on a piece of reported analysis about mass incarceration. She decided halfway through the process to kill the piece and later emailed me to say that it would be really 'powerful' if I wrote a 'personal reflection' on incarceration. 


How would you like to have an extra $155,000 to spend during your retirement years? 

The governor's support for a $15 minimum wage stateside is a departure from his stance earlier this year.

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Of all the nation’s poor, 82 percent experience circumstances that make it difficult or impossible to secure income, a new analysis by policy think tank Demos shows. The author of this analysis, Matt Bruenig, calls this population “the vulnerable poor.”

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Those orders represent a victory for unions, particularly the labor federation Change to Win, which has been organizing workers at federally contracted businesses through the campaign Good Jobs Nation. Low-wage workers affiliated with Good Jobs Nation — including food service and janitorial workers in federal buildings — have spent the past two years engaging in protests and other labor actions to pressure the federal government to improve contractor standards.

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The bill the Legislature passed along party lines in June would establish automatic registration for eligible voters when they apply for a driver's license or other form of ID at the Motor Vehicle Commission; create more opportunities for early voting; and offer online voter registration, among other provisions.
A number of states have enacted parts of these reforms - for example, 23 offer online voter registration, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures - but this legislation "would put New Jersey in pretty unprecedented territory in ter

Consumer advocacy groups have long complained that there is no link between bad credit and job performance. They argue that such checks lead to discriminatory hiring.

New York’s law is one of the toughest enacted on this issue, said Amy Traub, a policy analyst for Demos. States and local governments can make their own laws that further restrict employers except in cases where a credit check is required under federal law, she said.