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Demos President Heather McGhee is a national leader in the fight for working families. Demos is a public policy organization working for an America where “we all have an equal say in our democracy and an equal chance in our economy.” McGhee’s opinions, writing and research have appeared in The New York TimesThe NationThe HillMeet the Press, among other publications.

Senate Republicans on Thursday advanced President Trump’s first lower court nominee, setting up a floor vote. [...]

A coalition of 24 groups, including Demos, Every Voice Center, End Citizens United and Free Speech for People, wrote to the committee this week to urge members to reject Thapar’s nomination. The groups claim Thapar's record shows he will exacerbate the growing role of big money in American politics.

You may have first seen Heather McGhee on Meet the Press or Real Time with Bill Maher or Hardball with Chris Matthews, but on Saturday, May 6, the progressive pundit made an appearance at All Souls hosted by the Women’s Alliance. As the featured speaker at the Alliance’s Spring Event, she covered a wide range of topics from the economy to last fall’s election to immigration and racial prejudice.


2015 report by Demos found that California had one of the country’s the lowest ratios of DMV voter registration applications to DMV transactions, between 0.01 and 0.1. [...]

This hour, we tackle issues involving race, policy, and U.S. democracy with Demos President Heather McGhee.


Demos Vice President of Policy and Research, Tamara Draut, joins NY1: Road to City Hall to address the House health care bill, its impact on New Yorkers and how it will effect Americans moving forward.

The division that threatens to split this country in two is not between red and blue states, or between rural and urban areas – it is between the way we discuss politics and the realities of American lives, none of which fit into tidy categories. Contrary to popular narratives, you can be a progressive populist, a wealthy and college-educated Trump supporter, a rural laborer of color, a provincial urbanite, an open-minded midwesterner.

Bob Herbert’s new documentary “Against All Odds: The Fight For a Black Middle Class,” which airs on the PBS World channel this Tuesday, looks at the specific practices that institutions have employed against black men and women. (You can watch the full documentary here.)


While Trump and his allies can debate his progress elsewhere, there’s little dispute that the president’s congressional agenda has been a wreck so far. His glaring failure to sign any major legislation or at least make significant progress on a signature bill stands out among modern presidents. [...]

Supporters of a higher minimum wage, however, remain undeterred. "Wal-Mart's business model is pretty simple," said Amy Traub, an associate director of policy and research at equality advocacy group Demos, at a recent debate hosted by Intelligence Squared U.S. (IQ2) in New York.