Where is support for the small farmer when it's needed?

July 6, 2011 | The Hill |

The farmers have been waiting for three years for GIPSA to produce a final rule.

Remember the American family farm, in whose name major business interests are continually advocating? Remember how theU.S. Chamber of Commerce, and business groups like the Cattlemen’s Association oppose the Estate Tax in the name of the family farm, even as they greatly exaggerate the potential impact of the tax on family farm interests?

To judge from events unfolding at a hearing in the House of Representatives this week, big business’ interest in the family farm is entirely opportunistic. 

Currently at issue is implementation of a provision of the 2008 Farm Bill that would codify the rights of chicken, pork and beef producers who raise animals under contract to Tyson Foods and other major meatpackers. These rights were recognized as important in a Federal law passed in 1921, but never elaborated until now.