There's A Chill In The Air

September 26, 2011 | Tahlequah Daily Press |

Autumn brings the political warhorses out of the barn, with a sense the race is on. And nationally, it is. But rather than the electricity and anticipation that your correspondent, a truly old warhorse, has experienced, there's a sourness and disappointment unlike any campaign season I can remember.

It's not just Obama's desperate poll numbers and a stagnant national economy. There's rage and dopiness and incipient violence aplenty out there, and precious little in the way of thoughtful solutions. And it's not just President Barack Obama's fault. The Republican Party has been hijacked by a combination of the invincibly ignorant and unrelentingly mean. Obama may not have the right prescription, but neither does Herbert Hoover.

In spite of it all, and not because of anything he's done, I think Obama will win. But it won't be pretty. It won't help bring the country out of its doldrums. And for people like myself who entered public service in order to improve everyone's lot in life-and who enthusiastically thought Obama was the man to do it-we have precious little to get excited about.