Question 1 protects Maine’s history of voting equality

Mainers will have the privilege and the duty on Nov. 8 to protect the state’s long tradition of letting each of its citizens vote. By voting yes on Question 1 and reaffirming the right to Election Day voter registration, Mainers can follow this state’s tradition of almost 200 years of enlarging the right to vote.
When admission to the Union as a state in 1820 came with the bargain of admission of a slave state, Missouri, Mainers at first opposed the move. Only when the Missouri Compromise outlawed slavery in the remaining territory of the Louisiana Purchase did Mainers accept a less than perfect bargain, believing, as did the Founders, that slavery would slowly disappear.
When the price of eliminating slavery proved to be the Civil War 41 years later, Mainers, per capita, sent more men to fight and more men to die than any other Northern state.