It's Time to "Out-Jobs" the Conservatives

The party of reasoned policy-making should find it easy to listen to economists who say that short-term spending is the only way to put Americans back to work and end this recession-deficit.

"But we tried that," Democrats say.  "The Republicans watered down the first stimulus and then blocked subsequent ones.  And now the American people have sent a clear message that they don't want more government spending."  Wrong.  The American people want jobs, jobs, and more jobs.  Yet the President's party has failed to make the simple case -- made effectively even by many conservatives, from Reagan's chief economist to a Wall Street CEO -- that spending is essential to creating jobs in the short-term.  Astonishingly, Democrats in Congress are saying that it's time to cut spending.  At 10 percent unemployment.  They really are, even though pulling money out of the economy is the most certain way to damage it further and a further-damaged economy is the most certain way to damage their own prospects in 2012.