Shrinking Budgets, Growing Debt: Is College Still Affordable?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012 - 7:30pm

Join us for an event on higher education funding trends and the challenges they create for postsecondary access and completion. Presenters will provide an overview of national and North Carolina state funding trends. The meaning of these policy choices in students' lives and proposed solutions by young people will also be presented.

State funding for public higher education defrays costs that otherwise would fall on students, playing a critical role in keeping postsecondary education affordable. Yet over the last twenty years, state funding for higher education has declined. By investing less in higher education, states are effectively shifting costs to students and their families in the form of escalating tuition and fees. For students of color, this shift has created even greater barriers to access and completion. These higher costs are especially alarming in light of stagnant household incomes and as a postsecondary education has become a prerequisite for obtaining a decent job and entering the middle class.

List of Panelists:

Alexandra Sirota, North Carolina Justice Center
Dr. Jarvis Hall, North Carolina Central University
Jasmine Hicks, Young Invincibles
John Quinterno, Demos
U.S. Department of Education (tentative)


North Carolina Central University
Alfonso Elder Student Union
Corner of Fayetteville and Nelson Streets
Durham, NC 27707