Good Jobs for a Stronger Economy Conference

Wednesday, October 12, 2011 - 9:00am - 12:30pm

Russell Senate Office Bldg
Washington D.C., District of Columbia, DC 20002

Americans are rightly concerned with the enormous jobs deficit that is currently fueling ongoing high unemployment. But we’re facing another crisis too—a job quality crisis. In today’s economy, far too many jobs fall below the standard that Americans consider decent work. Nearly a quarter of working adults find themselves in jobs that do not pay enough to support a family. It doesn’t have to be this way. Many of our country’s employment opportunities can be improved substantially while simultaneously providing gains to employers and to the economy as a whole.
Join us for a national conference on job quality. Leading advocates and researchers will outline concrete reform proposals for a good jobs policy agenda. Model employers will discuss how they have flourished economically while creating good jobs with sustainable wages and benefits in low-wage industries and developing training programs that promote career advancement. The proposals and practices highlighted in this conference will help to revitalize American jobs in a way that works for all.

Part One: Welcome & Overview- Paul Osterman, MIT Professor

Part Two: Keynote Address- Senator Sherrod Brown

Part Three: Panel #1- Model Employers, Creating Quality Jobs Can Boost Business

Part Four: Panel #2- Reforms, What Policy and Practice Reforms Can Improve Job Quality

Part Five: Panel #2- Reforms, cont.

Download the Program       Policy Brief: Worth Working For
Good Jobs Conference Program                Worth Working For: Policy Brief
Confirmed Speakers Include:
KEYNOTE: Senator Sherrod Brown
Paul Osterman, MIT Sloan School of Management 
Leo Hindery, Managing Partner, InterMedia Partners
Al Fuller, President and CEO, Integrated Packaging Corporation
Paul Diamond, Vice President of Human Resources, Addus HealthCare
Barbara Dyer, President and CEO, Hitachi Foundation
Annette Bernhardt, Policy Co-Director, National Employment Law Project
Marlene Seltzer, President and CEO, Jobs for the Future
Ernesto Cortes Jr., Co-Director, Industrial Areas Foundation
Peter Colavito, Director, Government Relations, SEIU
Harold Meyerson, Editor-at-Large, The American Prospect
Heather McGhee, DC Director, Demos
*Breakfast will be served
This Event is sponsored by Demos, the Economic Policy Institute, the National Employment Law Project, and CLASP.