The U.S. Supreme Court will decide on a Trump-backed Ohio voting rights policy that has disenfranchised thousands of American voters by using lists to purge names of those who vote infrequently. The Trump administration filed a brief in support of the Ohio "use it or lose it" voting policy last year in Husted v. A. Philip Randolph Institutewhich will be heard in the nation's top court on Wednesday. [...]

Collectively, we can create safe and vibrant communities, provide quality education, and build the buildings, roads and infrastructure our nation needs to continue growing. We can carry out the diplomacy required to build good will and project our values throughout the world, defend ourselves and our allies from threats and respond to emergencies. We can ensure that we all have what we need to thrive and – when times are hard – survive. And a fair tax system is the best way to enact these democratic investments.

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For several years, Demos and our partners have been working to fulfill our Constitution’s democratic promise by forging a new legal order that is open to money-in-politics reforms, and marshalling the factual and legal arguments that could help the Court move in this direction.

Last year, Americans took over 10 billion trips on public transportation. These were trips to work, to school, to stores, to health care, to places of worship, and elsewhere. For millions of Americans, their quality of life rests on the quality of public transit.


As Wisconsin’s Latino community responds to the needs of people on the island, it’s very clear that some Puerto Ricans will come to live with family and friends in the Dairy State. [...]

Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico 2 weeks ago, creating devastating damage and a humanitarian crisis for 3.5 million U.S. citizens.

From the day he launched his campaign with dire warnings about border-crossing “bad hombres,” Donald Trump has preyed on some Americans’ worst biases around immigration. Trump has since exhorted Congress to allocate tens of billions of dollars for a border wall, stepped up arrests of immigrants, separated Latino children from their parents, and pushed to expedite deportations. [...]

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While families across the country are sending their children back to school, immigrant families are under particular stress thanks to President Trump, who just pardoned Joe Arpaio, a former Arizona sheriff who openly racially profiled Latinos in “immigration patrols.” [...]

Rather than try to dismantle one of the few tools we have to keep this problem from getting worse, this administration should take a more nuanced and comprehensive approach toward making our campuses more reflective of our society, particularly for the most diverse generation of students ever. Many selective public institutions are actually game-changers for students of color and low-income students, pushing them into higher economic strata with impressive consistency.

Recently, policymakers have begun examining automatic voter registration (AVR).