Youth Unemployment

Jennifer Graham wrote a viral piece in the Boston Globe titled “A generation of idle trophy kids.” The basic idea of the piece is that the youth are really lazy these days and this explains their weak labor force attachment. Judging from her personal website, it’s clear she has no...
Friday's job report brought mostly bad news. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that employers added 165,000 jobs in April, and the BLS revised estimates for prior months upward by a total of 144,000 jobs. The direction of job growth is positive, which is nice, but it is not moving at...
One of my pet peeves about the coverage surrounding the plight of young people in America is that it focuses heavily, and at times exclusively, on how well recent college graduates are doing. Why people focus on this is a mystery to me. I suspect it is because the chattering classes are almost all...
Although the unemployment rate inched up in July, Friday's unemployment report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics was a welcome reprieve following three months of disappointing jobs numbers.  A mere 0.037 percentage points were added to the overall unemployment rate, rounding it up to 8.3...
The 120,000 jobs added in the month of March present the weakest job growth since October 2011, delighting those who would prefer that Americans remain out of work until the elections in November, and confounding economists who fear that the unseasonably warm winter interfered with data analysis....
The unemployment numbers for November and December were good enough to encourage predictions of a stagnant or even slowly growing economy for 2012. It's nice to get good news, even if the bar is set at eluding economic disaster. However, young people in particular still see unemployment rates...
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