working poor

The idea is simple: people who get up and go to work every day in one of the world’s richest countries should not have to live in poverty. That’s why, across the country and throughout the week, low-wage fast food and retail employees walked out on strike, calling for $15 an hour and respect for...
In a surprising move from one of the Affordable Care Act's staunchest opponents, Florida Governor Rick Scott has endorsed the Medicaid expansion component of the healthcare law-- at least for the next three years. As the Hill points out, he's not the first governor to have changed his mind on the...
Unemployment may be at the lowest level in three years, and the housing sector may be showing signs of life, but a serious structural problem in the economy seems to actually be getting worse, not better:  income inequality. Recent data from the Census Bureau and a new report from the Working...
As unemployment rates continue to decline, not enough attention is being paid to the kinds of jobs that are being created. A new report from the Working Poor Families Project shows exactly why we need to consider job quality, not just job creation. Analyzing Census Bureau data, the report finds...
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