Working Families Flexibility Act

Soaring rhetoric about freedom and choice is everywhere on Capitol Hill this week. From the chamber of the House Financial Services Committee, we hear that consumers are losing “economic opportunity and freedom” because they don’t have enough access to risky, high-cost credit. The Financial...
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor really cares about working families. He favors “common sense legislation to protect workers and make life work for more people” and wants to “help working parents who are juggling responsibilities at home and on the job.”  That’s...
Representative Martha Roby has an op-ed in Politico today making the case for her “Working Families Flexibility Act.” The bill would allow businesses to pay their workers in comp time, rather than higher wages, for the overtime hours they work. Roby has argued that her bill would make...
After a bruising election in which their standard-bearer became a symbol of wealth and privilege, Republicans are emerging as born-again champions of the common people. The latest proposal in the House, the “Working Families Flexibility Act,” is billed as a pro-worker proposal that will let mom...
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