walmart strikes

At this point, it's hardly news that Walmart is a pioneer of modern union-busting. And the revelation that Walmart has illegally disciplined 80 workers since June -- including firing 20 -- for their involvement in union activity is no surprise.  Yet while the company's union busting has often...
We famously live an age of capital, where those who own businesses or other assets are prospering, while most people who rely on the value of their labor are doing terribly.  But to appreciate just how lopsided (and, well, grotesque) things have gotten, consider this factoid: Just four members...
Today's jobs report shows that the economy continues to slowly improve. After getting run down by a truck driven by Wall Street bankers in 2008, the economy has — over the past four years — emerged from intensive care, left the critical condition list, and is slogging steadily forward...
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