Wall Street

A few decades ago, it also would have been difficult to imagine how such a Kol Nidre service could have come together. Like Occupy Wall Street and its growing number of spin-offs, these events happen because of the extensive use of social media by savvy organizers who don’t need or seek the...
The AFL-CIO president's quiet visit to the occupation shows how much labor has changed. Early last Friday morning, as the Occupy Wall Street protesters were just uncurling from their sleeping bags, I went downtown for a walkthrough of their campsite at Zuccotti Park, now also known as Liberty Plaza...
WHERE: Strand Books 828 Broadway New York, NY Black Tuesday captures the romance and desperation of New York on the cusp of the Great Stock Market Crash of 1929. From the beleaguered immigrant community of the Lower East Side to the feral pit of Wall Street to the alluring glitter of...
The protesters seeking to “occupy” the financial district in New York and other cities have been widely depicted in the media as having no coherent rationale for their protests. In fact, though, these protesters have chosen the right target: a set of institutions and actors who not only played a...
Over the past few weeks, President Obama has at last "pivoted," in the widely used term, from emphasizing deficit reduction to focusing on jobs and taxation of millionaires. Spontaneous protest has done what the organized left failed to do; it has made Wall Street the appropriate target of diffuse...
Pop quiz: What’s so bad about the financialization of the U.S. economy over recent decades? If you’re like most people who are uneasy with the outsized power of finance, chances are you can’t boil down your concerns to a pithy sound bite. So why is there such ridicule of the protesters “occupying”...
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