Wages and Walmart

What does it take to change the business model of a multinational corporation that brings in nearly half a trillion dollars in revenue each year?  You’d have to ask Walmart workers. In the last week alone, workers organizing with OUR Walmart claimed victory on two major fronts, shifting the...
In today’s New York Times, Paul Krugman takes on the plight of low-wage retail and fast food workers, who have seen their real wages fall almost 30 percent since 1973 even as this sector has become a larger part of our economy. During a season when Americans flood the stores for holiday...
It already seems like an age-old question: “Has Wal-Mart been good or bad?” This week, The Washington Post's  Ezra Klein is the one asking and weighing the costs to Walmart’s workforce, its supply chain, and its competitors against the low prices the store offers consumers....
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